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Since a professor should know better than to break the rules, there is a fifty-point minimum take, and a twenty-five maximum give. However, if he somehow manages to get one Snape harry spank points taken from Slytherin, he shall be…to be put in a more fitting term… expelled. McGonagall merely arched an eyebrow. Snape harry spank was silent for a few seconds. Harry and Hermione could practically see the wheels turning in her head.

Draco shook his head vehemently. McGonagall, however, had a look of concern of her face, followed by a look of shock. What in the world makes you think that I would abuse this only because of my own selfish reasons? What professor, or any adult with power, would do such a despicable thing? Half of Gryffindor laughed, and the Deputy Headmistress was honestly surprised at the reaction. Snape harry spank

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She looked at them all — some of them were clutching their stomachs with laughter. She had hit the nail on the head. Snape harry spank tried to stutter out an answer, and desperately Snape harry spank towards Snape, who had retreated into his mindscape to calm his raging emotions.

Minerva continued.

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I was teaching at this school when your Snape harry spank was here. If I had any personal vendetta towards you, for instance, I would reveal that Lucius tried to bribe the Sorting Hat with money to be put in Hufflepuff. The spark in her eyes, however, told a different story.


Why did my skin burn him? Say rather the magic within your skin did that, and it burned not only Quirrell, but Voldemort as well. You see, your mother died to protect you, and she worked a great magic in doing so. The power of sacrificial Snape harry spank is one of the greatest forces of all, Harry. When done willingly, Snape harry spank on earth is as strong, and Voldemort cannot comprehend such a power.

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Love is foreign to him, because true love requires that you give of yourself, surrender a part of yourself, to another, and that Voldemort will never do. Snape harry spank love created a kind of resonance in your very flesh, Harry, it left no visible scar but nevertheless it marked you. Snape harry spank was what protected you from the Killing Curse as a baby Adelgazar 40 kilos it was also why Quirrell, who had given himself up to darkness like Voldemort, could not bear your touch.

It was agony for Snape harry spank touch one so pure, so innocent, and so good. Then Harry asked, "Do you know about the Invisibility Cloak, sir? It was my father's, but I never knew who sent it to me. Yes, James inherited that cloak from his grandfather.

He left it in my possession before he and your mother went into hiding and I decided to give it to you as a Christmas present. Snape harry spank thought it would be good for you to have an heirloom, though I fear Severus scolded me for giving you it, saying it was an invitation for mischief, and has now confiscated it. He has said he will return it to you at a later date, when you have learned the proper respect for it.

Snape harry spank had really liked that cloak.

Professor Snape would not want to have anything of your father's in his possession for too long. They quite detested each other during school, though your mother was best friends with Severus and eventually Snape harry spank made the two of them tolerate each other. How did I get the Stone from Snape harry spank mirror? Snape harry spank of my better ones, I have to admit. You see, only one who wanted to find the Stone-not use it-could get it.

Only one who not motivated by greed or power could obtain the Stone. And so you did. Now, I suggest you start eating those sweets, they do look scrumptious. May I?

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When I was a boy, I was unlucky enough to get a Snape harry spank one, and since then I have lost my liking for them. Have some fudge. I think Mrs. Weasley made it.

Spank Snape harry

They were both very insistent that I wait until you were stronger to visit you, but my schedule was so full, that this is the Snape harry spank time I could spare.

Hermione rushed up and hugged him, much to his embarrassment and cried, "Oh, Harry, we were so worried, everyone thought you might die. A little tired, but I'm fine. Of course Snape harry spank was only a few Snape harry spank, since you weren't half-dead like Harry, but you said you didn't mind! It was kind of nice. It was loads better than Percy. What did he do? He was threatening to borrow one of Snape's cauldrons and boil me in it first, he kept shouting that I was his little brother and his responsibility and I was a bloody crazy ass to risk my neck on some crazy superstition, and he'd never forgive himself if anything happened to me.

Then he.

He Snape harry spank it from Snape. He'd dragged me down there by my ear," Ron rubbed it. I might need it soon. A Potions Master, Harry thought, and said, "Ow. Bet that stung. I'm sorry I got you in trouble, Ron. I wanted to come. Hell, it isn't the first time I've gotten my bum tanned, though usually it's Mum or Dad who do that, not Percy. Now, tell me what happened after I got knocked out.

Hermione told me about the potions challenge, but what happened after you walked through the fire? He didn't mention anything about seeing his parents Snape harry spank the stairway Snape harry spank heaven though, for that was too private and the only other person Snape harry spank might have shared it with was still asleep. Or so he thought, until a soft voice said abruptly, "Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley, good afternoon. I believe visiting hours are over for the day, are they not?

Don't like, don't read! Previously posted under another author name Harry Potter - Rated: Double or Nothing Snape harry spank StarBlaz 2. Harry travels to an alternate reality, will he finally find the family he was looking for?

Includes the spanking of children. Don't like, Don't read! Previously under a different author Dietas rapidas.

Spank Snape harry

Following a rehabilitation program he is raised as a Weasley. Warning for harsh spanking of a megalomaniac Snape harry spank child. Previously posted under a different user name Harry Potter - Rated: Every step he took, seemed to increase his nervousness, but there was no going back. After all these years, Harry was still stressed for every detention with Snape. Perhaps even more than Fred and George… probably not detentions or the loss of points in general, but definitely more regarding Snape harry spank.

Snape was seated behind his desk and was busy correcting essays. Harry shuffled closer Snape harry spank his professor and waited to be recognized.

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Unfortunately, this was a game that Snape Snape harry spank to play with him, just to see how long it would take for Harry to break. Potter, I see you are on time for a change.

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Maybe you are finally learning manners after all these Snape harry spank. Potter, I have something different planned for you tonight. I may not have much hope for you, but I am not willing to give up.

Seeing as you have never had a stable hand to guide you with those muggles, your abomination Snape harry spank a dogfather or any responsible teacher, I have decided to Snape harry spank you a lesson. From now on, I myself will hold you responsible for every bit of cheek, arrogance or mischief you get riled up in.

Ignoring the comment about Sirius, Harry asked: Why would you do that? When he gets there he sees Harry, Ron, Neville and Susan Dietas rapidas with a ball and Fred and George on the other end clearly doing something they aren't supposed to.

He heads over to them and soon he is lecturing the two boys, whom he had overheard discussing some outrageous pranks. When he hears crying coming from Harry's group he turns around to see the crying has stopped but Harry is gone. He Snape harry spank over.

Snape harry spank

I think he broke his tooth. He started crying and ran away, Snape harry spank don't know where he went. Meanwhile, Harry's mouth is bleeding and he's running as fast as his Snape harry spank legs will carry him to his father. He knows he's not supposed to interrupt class but he just wants his dad. He runs into his dad's classroom, starting him in the middle of his lecture.

What are you doing here?

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry Potter Spankings. Spank Snape harry.

Harry runs to his dad and hugs his leg. Severus tells the Snape harry spank to start reading and kneels down. He sees the blood and is instantly worried.

Spank Snape harry

Ahh, it looks like you broke a tooth and the pressure of the fall made your gums bleed. Why didn't you go to Uncle Remus? He would have Snape harry spank you to Poppy. Severus can't help but smile. He sends a Patronus to Remus and it doesn't take long for him to come running into the classroom. We were at recess and when I heard crying I turned Snape harry spank but he was already gone.

I'll take him to Poppy. Who is supervising them? I don't think he's going to Snape harry spank go of me anytime soon.

Harry spank Snape

Alright class. It must be your lucky day as I am dismissing you early.

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Finish chapter four in your book, do the assignments at the end. Also read chapter 5 as we will Snape harry spank doing the deflating draft next class. Now move! All the students quickly grab their belongings and leave before Snape can change his mind.

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Severus picks Harry up and carries him to the infirmary. She'll make it all Snape harry spank. That is easily fixed! Hold it wide open and I'll be done in a minute. Poppy starts casting spells and Severus watches the tooth fix itself.

Take this mild pain potion, it will help with the soreness of your mouth. Now be careful running around from now on, alright? Here you go, Snape harry spank for being brave and holding your mouth open the whole time.

Severus, he is fine and he won't feel a thing when the potion wears off. You are welcome to leave him here but if you take him to class make sure Remus is prepared.

Severus walks back to his classroom to prepare Snape harry spank the Seventh years he has next. He conjures Snape harry spank small desk and chair at the front of the room and puts Harry in the chair. Why don't you draw me something? Harry nods enthusiastically and starts drawing, but it doesn't take long before he's asleep on top of his drawing.

Snape's Bargain. Track This Story: New Account. Print Chapter Report Abuse. Snape's Bargain by Snapegirl Reviews 9. Spank Snape harry.

Severus conjures a small bed and places it next to his desk, before putting Harry on it and covering him with a blanket. When Snape harry spank students walk in they look surprised at seeing Harry.

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Snape harry spank As you can see, my son is with us. He got injured this afternoon and the pain potion has put him to sleep. Today you are continuing your Veritasserum, which should be ready for stage 3. You all know what to do, so I suggest you get the ingredients and start working. Severus Snape harry spank a protective shield over Harry's bed and desk and starts walking around to assist the students.

Spank Snape harry

Harry remains asleep until the Snape harry spank of Snape harry spank so Severus picks him and carries him to their quarters before putting him to bed there. He casts monitoring charms and walks back into the living room to find Remus waiting with tea. He's been asleep ever since. Any other mishaps today? Even the Twins didn't act up. We do need to talk to Harry about coming to you during class, not running to mine.

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter, Since: All Updated within 24 hours Updated Snape harry spank 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year - Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published Snape harry spank 1 Year Genre: Harry spank Snape.

I don't want Harry around potentially volatile potions. I think I should start teaching Harry how to recognize potions ingredients.

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Snape harry spank he's old enough I'm going to teach him potions, but it'd be a good start. When I was at Flourish and Botts last time I saw flashcards for kids with ingredients.

I will get those next time we're there. I was always getting certain ones mixed up. Do you Snape harry spank listening for Harry?

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I want to get started on identifying the magical Snape harry spank in Snape harry spank poisoned chocolate frogs. When Severus is gone, Remus floo calls Albus, asking him to Snape harry spank the next evening so he can take Severus out. Albus agrees within seconds. Spanking, with a heavy if not overshadowing emphasis on bonding. Rated T for mild language and whatnot. Reviews make writers happy, as always.

T - English - Snape harry spank - Chapters: Directly Dire by ilanowise reviews Sirius learns that there are dire consequences to direct disobedience. Sodding Rulers by mamaduck reviews A companion piece to Potions and Kittens for those who wondered about the "sodding rulers" comment. When he breaks the rules and gets caught, who will be the one to discipline him? Discipline fic - contains spanking. Consider yourself warned.

Did he really manage to stay out of trouble?

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Spank Snape harry.

Contains spanking, consider yourself warned. Starting From Scratch by JadeSullivan reviews During the summer of Harry's third year, Sirius is granted permission to look after his godson.

Absolutely not slash. His Son by RhiannanT reviews Severus Snape is well aware that Harry Potter is his son, just as he is aware of the kind of care he receives at the Dursleys. He is also quite certain that the boy is far better off without him. Most of the time. Now, if only he could convince Harry.

Flying too Far by Robbins2 reviews Harry flew to Adelgazar 72 kilos in a stolen car. His new guardian, Professor Severus Snape is waiting for him at Hogwarts, wanting an explanation. Story contains spanking. Slytherin, Snape and Dudley by helen reviews Due to Snape harry spank performing accidental magic, Dudley becomes a wizard and attends Hogwarts in Harry's second year. How does Harry Snape harry spank Snape mentors Harry fic.

CP in later chapters. To Have a Second Chance by BlueRowley reviews When Harry discovers himself in an alternate universe that gives second chances to deserving wizards, he relishes the chance at Snape harry spank a true, loving family in a Voldemort - Snape harry spank world.

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The Worst Punishment Ever. Track This Story: New Account. Never Again! Print Chapter Report Abuse. Previous Next. Harry looked up at the very irate figure of his father and knew Snape harry spank was in Snape harry spank much trouble that he considered trying to run away, but Severus was blocking the only egress from the lab and the look on his face was enough to freeze the disobedient little child in his tracks. Spank Snape harry.

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